Fabulous Fondue – Find Your Favorite

By Aimee Cook

What could be more fun than sharing a pot of fondue with friends after a long day on the mountain? Whether you’re enjoying a casual meal with fellow adventurers or looking for a romantic dinner for two, fondue is the perfect way to enjoy a winter’s evening.

Goldener Hirsch, Auberge Resorts Collection
Goldener Hirsch fondue is made from four unique traditional alpine cheeses imported directly from Switzerland. The hot, melty dish is then paired with locally sourced trimmings like cauliflower, broccoli, green apple, and toasted baguette. Kick it up a notch by including lamb meatballs, wagyu beef or confit mushrooms foraged from Oregon. Sharable for up to three people.

Midway Mercantile
The Raclette Fondue dish is a combination of raclette, gruyere and swiss cheeses sourced from Switzerland to create a creamy, melty cheese of goodness. Accompaniments include focaccia bread, apples and sweet peppers, a unique edition to the dish. In addition, Midway has a “Swiss” theme throughout town and this particular fondue is a nod to the area. It’s a family favorite for all ages, served year-round and sharable for up to three people.

Blue Boar Inn
Not your traditional swiss cheese blend, the fondue at the Blue Boar Inn is a smoked gouda cheese with a Porter beer to give this dish a caramelly, smoky flavor. Served with grilled broccolini and shishito peppers and spicy andouille sausage, also not your average accompaniments. So many divine flavors will hit your palette all at once. Considered sharable for up to three people.

A tasty spin on a classic dish, the blue cheese fondue at Fletcher’s is a mixture of blue cheese local promontory cheddar from Beehive, with a bit of parmesan for an added depth of flavor. Kirsch liquor (cherry flavor) is included in the base where all the cheeses marry together. Served with diced buffalo and grass-fed beef that is pan sautéed to a perfect medium and toasted brioche cubes tossed in clarified butter. Finally, the fondue itself is garnished with a port reduction and fresh chives. Sharable for up to three people.