Fresh Faced – The Simple Look of 2023

By Brandi Christoffersen

Everyday life can cause a bit of a time crunch, which can particularly affect one’s beauty regimen. No need to fret our active readers, for 2023 is the year for fast and easy!

For Starters
A relaxed aura doesn’t require spending hours in a face mask or mud bath. In fact, all you need is a few focused minutes:

• Begin by slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail or
a colorful fabric headband. It only takes a moment, but provides a styled, finished appearance.
• Next, prep your face with a gentle exfoliant to smooth over any dry patches. Then, tap a bit of moisturizer on your trouble spots for added care.
• Place a drop of sugar scrub on your fingertip and lightly apply to your lips. Gently remove the scrub and your lips will be refreshed, smooth and soft.
• From there, apply a 3-in-1 application of tint, moisturizer and sunscreen to even out your skin tones and provide protection from the elements.

For Some Added Pop
After the essentials are completed, these quick additions will enhance your casual look:
• If you wake with puffy eyes, we have a “pro-tip” that really does work! Dab a dollop of Preparation H under your eyes and let it sit for a moment.
• While the dollop is soaking in, keep your kissable lips hydrated by applying your favorite chapstick or lip balm.(Tinted options add a nice hint of color.)
• Next, play up your brows with a makeup brush. The full, fluffy brow is modern and cool and takes minimal effort.
• Now, go back to your eyes and tap nude colored concealer under your eyes and on your lids, then gently even it out with a soft sponge.

Perfect Finish
If you find you have a few extra minutes, may we suggest these extra steps to create a polished finish.
• Select one nude tone across eyes and cheeks. This will produce a cohesive and flawless look.
• Add a dew highlighting balm around eyes and face to give a soft glow to your skin.
• Brighten your entire face, by blotting a light color to your eyelids or lips.
• Before leaving the house, open your freezer door, take a deep breath and let the cold air refresh your entire body.