Viking Adventure – The Viking Yurt

This winter marks the 20th anniversary of the Viking Yurt, which for the past 20 years has curated an experience filled with adventure, culture, delicious food and tasty beverages in a unique setting.

Open for lunch each day, the deck chairs are ideal for drinking a cold beer, hot spiced wine, whiskey, cider or coffee with Bailey’s. Hearty homemade sandwiches, cookies and strudel replicate a European lunch.

Each evening, the Viking Yurt transforms into a fine dining adventure and four-hour winter journey. The evening begins with a 23-minute sleigh ride up to the yurt under the bright winter stars.

Guests are greeted with music and a pewter mug filled with hot glogg to warm their hands after the sleigh ride. Then, they enjoy a six-course gourmet dinner. Each course has an imaginative presentation and entertaining twist. For example, the palate cleansing sorbet is served in rocks from Norway.

The Viking Yurt is open through March 31st each season. The hospitality, setting and faire of the Viking Yurt is an adventure that cannot be missed each year.

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